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The Bee Raw Save the Bees Fund supports 501-c3 institutions,
associations and organizations such as The Xerces Society that perform underfunded, but critical, research and education focusing on bee health, biology and nutrition.

Additionally, we will support places and programs that help to sustain a healthy planet, including botanic
gardens which create pollinator-friendly environments.

3 no-fail ways you can help save the honeybees:

  • Plant Flowers
  • Bees are suffering from malnutrition,
    and planting bee-friendly flowers
    gives them a place to nourish
    themselves and their hive.
  • Plant Flowers
  • Sign Pledge
  • Pesticides contribute to the alarming
    death rate of honeybee colonies.
    Sign a pledge to cultivate a
    pesticide-free garden.
  • Sign Pledge
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3 no-fail ways you can help save the honeybees: